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We are a digital marketing agency with a core focus across digital marketing, digital business building and application development. Our aim is to offer the best value driving business growth for all our clients across various niches.
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Brand Building

We help create and elevate brands within digital spaces. From understanding what works and what pitfalls can hamper brands in the digital world – through to building digital assets and guidelines to make sure you stay on track.

We also provide guidance as to how well your brand is currently performing and ways in which to improve across social media and from an SEO perspective.

Content Creation

One of the hardest aspects of running a successful brand is staying relevant and visible. Often this is due to a lack of content. At Huzz we get under the skin of your brand to ensure that we think in the same way as you and therefore speak in the same voice.

We can create written content and commentary for posting on social media or as part of wider marketing campaigns as well as media such as bespoke imagery, videos and animations.
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Web Development

Is your website outdated? Are people being lost in links that don’t exist anymore? Is your customer journey as strong as it used to be? Our experts and team can help refresh your outdated site and streamline it for the modern era. We will help you have the features that matter and make sure the UX/UI is to the standard it needs to be.

We optimise websites for mobile as well as transform them into apps – at the same time creating software which can automate processes, take payments and even communicate with your end-users demands.

Lead Generation

Lead generation or sales conversion, is one of the hardest things to do as any business owner. We have a wide range of methods designed to influence purchaser decisions as well as position your brand/product/service in the right place at the right time in order to take advantage of key purchasing habits.

If consumers feel confident about a brand and they are exposed to that brand’s offering in a timely fashion over a key period, we know that we can drive that percentage upwards.
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Social Growth & Amplification

In 2020, social media is a key component of any business – and is often the medium through which you will engage most often and at the deepest level.

Social is firstly about exposure – but the right type of exposure. We target real people who fit your key profile demographic, before utilizing techniques with which to amplify your brand message and give it viral capability.

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