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We are a digital marketing agency with a core focus across digital marketing, digital business building and application development. Our aim is to offer the best value driving business growth for all our clients across various niches.
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A simple way to understand our offering as an agency is to build hype and buzz around a brand, product or service. We create the interest – from designing a brand which identifies with your target audience, all the way through to generating leads and sales – we are one of the best in the business. However it relies upon you the business owner to secure the lasting demand.

Create lasting impressions

We live in an industry based on instant-gratification, however our philosophy is one which is much more about building foundations and organic growth. At Huzz we use tools and methods which build ‘digital brand legacy’ – which unlike common PPC strategies, ensures that the work we do lasts well beyond a short campaign period.

This approach builds up a collection of digital marketing assets capable of forming the backbone to every piece of future digital communication you ever create.
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Meet the Team



Leon has become a highly successful Serial Entrepreneur, turning his ideas into exciting high growth businesses across several developing markets. His key skills are in generating and developing market disruptive ideas with strong profitable growth potential. From taking the newly formed Manchester United Soccer School, which starting in the USA, global in 2000 – to managing several bars within the Midlands area in the mid 2000s – to now owning a number of highly successful businesses, Leon’s success is there for all to see. His passion for business and experience creating best-in-class customer experiences mean that there is a lot more to come from Huzz Digital.



Nyall is the Former Business Director and Head of Brand Experience at leading global marketing agency McCann Birmingham. He has over 15 years experience working for The Interpublic Group, creating experience led, multi-channel campaigns for brands across the globe, including The Premier League, Microsoft and Formula One team Force India amongst others, as well as working directly for Manchester Utd, running a major global events programme. In 2018, Nyall started his own marketing consultancy business. Acting as the strategic lead on projects, he has created physical design strategies and marcoms plans for the likes of IMAX in the US, as well as both Birmingham and Falmouth Universities respectively.



Ben has been working within social media for 8+ years running e-commerce stores across fashion to cosplay. He has also helped to grow millions of followers for his clients across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. His team have created automation software across most areas and has a fascination for mass-scale marketing adding in automated payment gateways.

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